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Are you a Health Sciences Major Considering an Internship (HLSC 3P33)?

This course is designed to allow you to gain experience working in a health care setting under the guidance of an established health professional and requires you to accept a significant responsibility in organizing the internship. It allows you to explore and learn a specific profession within the health care community and will provide you with first hand experience within the health care setting which will assist you in your possible future career goals.

Since it is largely self-directed, it also teaches you valuable independent study skills which will be of benefit at the fourth year and Graduate level.

There are three main requirements that are the student’s responsibility before being allowed to register for HLSC 3P33.

These are:

  1. Finding a placement and a professional willing to supervise you;
  2. Finding the time to complete the internship, including the components needed for evaluation; and
  3. Finding a faculty member willing to act as your academic supervisor. Faculty are under no obligation to take on internship students, this is a privilege, not a right. A suitable professional supervisor must be able to provide satisfactory evidence of being an established and recognized health care professional working in a safe and appropriate environment (Joe Whoozit’s do-it-yourself neurosurgery would not make the grade here!). The potential professional supervisor and placement must be approved by the Chair of Health Sciences. The potential supervisor must be willing to oversee your involvement, and be willing to write a one page summary evaluation of your internship experience.


  • The time required by you is a minimum of 50 hours in the placement over a 12-week period (1 semester).
  • You may take HSLC 3P33 in any term you wish (subject to Faculty availability).
  • As well, you will be expected to submit:

(1) a journal of your experience and,

(2) a critical evaluation paper of the profession and or its therapies/techniques/theories. A faculty supervisor must be willing to accept you as a student and agree that your placement/supervisor are acceptable, evaluate the journal and critical paper and incorporate your placement supervisor’s evaluation into a final grade.

The faculty supervisor is not responsible for finding or monitoring your placement.


  1. The student is required to complete nine undergraduate credits with a minimum 75% major average before proceeding with an Internship.
  2. The student must submit 3 forms to the Departmental Administrative Assistant :
    • Internship Proposal/Registration Form
    • Placement Supervisor Form
    • Work/Education Agreement Form.
    • These forms are available from the Department Academic Advisor (AS 322) and must be approved by the Chair of Health Sciences before students can register for the course.
  3. When the mentor is not a faculty member in Health Sciences, a Biography/Resume/ Curriculum Vita is required and must be approved by the Chair of Health Sciences.

Student Memo - For all Health Sciences Majors Considering an Internship (HLSC 3P33)

Supervisor Memo - use this to provide a potential placement supervisor with some information on their involvement

If you have further questions please contact the HLSC Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Advisor: HLSC Advisor

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