Bachelor of Public Health (Honours Only)

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Bachelor of Public Health (Honours Only)


Program Name:
Public Health
OUAC Code:
Bachelor of Public Health
Program Description:

“A cutting edge degree is being offered at Brock University - Bachelor of Public Health (Honours)!”

Health is a top priority for all Canadians and it also demands attention on an international level. There is a growing need for qualified and experienced public health professionals.

As the first Bachelor of Public Health degree in Canada, our unique program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with emerging issues in Public Health that affect both local and international communities.

This innovative program focuses on individual, community, and population health and wellness with an emphasis on health promotion, health administration, health policy, and health programming and evaluation. You will learn about the biological, social and environmental determinants of important health issues, and explore disease prevention and health promotion strategies.

You will study emerging diseases and chronic health issues in both developing and developed countries. The knowledge and practical skills you will gain can be applied to developing public health programs and policies; planning, implementing, and managing disease prevention and health promotion programs, and conducting health research. There are also many opportunities for self-directed study, internships with community partners, research experiences, and international study placements.

If you plan to pursue a career in a specific health profession, you may wish to team up this degree with our one-of-a-kind MED Plus program.


Co-op option:

"Earn as you Learn"

The Public Health Co-op program combines academic and work terms over a 4 year period. Students will spend two years in the Brock academic setting studying core concepts prior to the first work term.

The sequence of courses in the proposed Public Health Co-op program is compatible with the demands of a co-op stream.

The co-op work will complement Bacehlor of Public Health course content and relate to the student’s career objectives. 

You will be well-prepared to pursue a broad range of community and public health careers, or postgraduate studies in health-related disciplines:
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Health care manager and administrator
  • Health policy analyst
  • Health researcher
  • Health program planner 
 * Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.
Program Coordinator:
If you have any questions about this program, Contact HLSC Advisor
Entrance Requirements:
Required 4U Subjects: English (ENG4U), one of Biology (SBI4U) or Chemistry (SCH4U). 
Strongly recommended subjects: 12M Science (SNC4M) or Exercise Science (PSE4U), one 3U math.
Expected Cut-off:
Low 80s
Sample Program Plan
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