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Continuing Your Education

Interested in returning to Brock to advance your education, upgrade your skills, or take an interest course? Read about several options available to you:

Travel and Leisure - Continuing Education

Regardless of your age or interests, now is an ideal time to pursue an active learning lifestyle where the benefits include a healthy mind and body and an enriched life.
Visit Brock’s continuing education website for more information.


Graduate Studies

Brock University currently offers 35 masters programs and six doctoral programs. As a Brock graduate student, you will receive a quality educational experience that will provide you with advanced skills in research and prepare you for further academic studies or for employment in your field of study.
You will work one-on-one with dedicated professors who are among some of the top researchers in their field in Canada and around the world. For more information, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Already a teacher? Interested in taking Additional Qualification Courses? 
Visit Brock's Continuing Teacher Education website or the In-Service website for more information.
Interested in becoming a teacher?
Brock’s Faculty of Education has an outstanding reputation for teacher education programs. Faculty members are expert academics and practitioners, with knowledge grounded both in theory and in school-based experience. The Faculty also offers a variety of professional programs and conducts research related to JK-12, higher education, and related topics.
If you are interested in joining Brock’s over 3,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, pre-service, in-service, and graduate programs, please visit Brock’s Faculty of Education website for more information.
Second or Subsequent Degrees
Interested in coming back to Brock to upgrade your skills by earning an additional degree? Brock currently offers 75 undergraduate programs, 35 master’s programs, and six doctoral programs. Visit for more information.


Continuing your education at Brock

Continuing Education has many programs available to former students and community members. Alumni receive a discount on many courses available through the Learning & Leisure Guide.


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