Brock Family Contest

Brock Alumni Relations

List each Brock alumni family member to be entered into the draw. Contestants must have a minimum of 3 family members to enter the contest. Family members include relatives, in-laws and long term partners. Winner will be announced in February 2012.

Winners will be chosen through a draw - the winner of the contest will not necessarily be the family with the most Brock alumni.

All alumni entered on each family tree will be verified through the Office of Alumni Relations and may be asked to provide updated contact information. Each family may only be entered once. The alumnus submitting the Family Contest form will be the contact person for other family members during the contest should the Office of Alumni Relations need to verify information.

Brock Family Contest

Brock alumni family member #1 (Contact person)
Brock alumni family member #2
Brock alumni family member #3