Brock All Over the World

Brock All Over the World

Alumni and International Development

Brock is celebrating International Development Week Feb. 6 – 10 to promote all aspects of international development and highlight the results achieved by Canada and Canadian organizations in many different fields with many activities to entertain and educate. Not only are Brock students travelling the world to work on development work, but dozens of Brock alumni live all over the world and work in fields relating to International Development.

In the spirit of Internationanal Development Week, we would like to highlight a few alumni who are incorporating their Brock experience to live all over the world.


Stephanie Thornton (BA '10)


Organization: I work for Me to We; the sister company of Free the Children. Me to We is a social enterprise that encourages youth to make better choices for a better world.
Job Title: Kenya trips Facilitator. My job is to greet and accompany youth, university students and adults that come to Kenya to volunteer on Free the Children projects. Throughout their stay I help guide our guests through a cultural experience and run educational workshops for our youth participants to encourage global awareness.
How did your experience at Brock prepare you for your current role? There were so many experiences at Brock that prepared me for this opportunity. First I would accredit my ability to think outside the box and in a creative manner to all my prof's from the visual arts department. This allows me to be innovative in all the situations that I'm presented with on a daily basis in my role as a Kenya trips facilitator. In addition the International Department at Brock was extremely supportive in helping to expose me to international travel and a world outside my own. This gave me the idea that working in another country could be possible, and there is a way to be part of sustainable development. 

Andrew Barclay (BA '08)

Organization: Wadadee Investment Holdings 

Job Title: Head of Overseas Development 

How did your experience at Brock prepare you for your current role?
My experience at Brock was paramount for pushing me in the direction of international work. The International Services & Programs Abroad Office at Brock inspired me to pursue exchange opportunities which eventually led to a specific graduate program. Following the completion of my studies I came back to Brock and took a couple of jobs that focused on international work. These partnerships led to new opportunities and many of my connections at Brock were quite key in gaining my current and past employment.