Strategic Direction

Brock University Alumni Association

Strategic Direction

This Strategic Direction equips the Alumni Association with clarity of purpose and drives the Board of Directors' operations as they serve to increase the value of a Brock degree. The expanding alumni population is the single largest stakeholder group the university has. Brock graduates have shared the common experience of walking the halls, interacting with the world class faculty and learning along side bright, well rounded peers. The BUAA understands the essence of the Brock experience and exemplifies the benefits of a Brock education. More than any other university stakeholder, the alumni of this institution stand to benefit directly from Brocks increased profile and reputation.

This plan is intended to be a road map to increase efficiency and effectiveness  for the BUAA Board of Directors over the next three years. As Brock University navigates it unprecedented growth in physical size as well as reputation, this plan clarifies the Alumni Association's role in assisting and contributing to that growth. Furthermore, the look and composition of the alumni population is vastly different than that of even ten years ago. The Association must adjust and adapt in order to remain relevent and in tune  with our members. By acknowledging this fact, the Alumni Association can create and capitalize on opportunities to work in harmony with other stakeholders including students, univeristy administration and community partners.

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Alumni Strategic Plan


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