Board of Directors

Brock University Alumni Association

Board of Directors

The BUAA is overseen by a volunteer board of directors and operated in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws. The board of directors normally consists of up to 15 members elected from the Association membership.  The Board also has a number of ex-officio members including a Director, Alumni Association Officier, Director, Alumni Relations, Senate Representative, and a Brock Student Ambassadors Representative. The association also has a partnership agreement with the Office of Alumni Relations.

As members of the Board, Directors are trustees under the law and have responsibility to oversee the conduct of the business, to monitor the management and to endeavour to ensure that all major issues affecting the business and affairs of the organization are given proper consideration.

Slate of Directors 

Crispin Bottomley (BA ’04; Bed ’05)
Kitty Cairns (Bed ’87; Med ’05)
Chris Capredoni (BBA ’91)
Darren Fox (BBA ’00)
Wendy Ingram (BA ’67)
Alison Lahn (BA ’95; BA ’01; Med ’10)
Keely Martin (BEd ’06; BSc ’ 06)
Erin Mathany (BSM ’05)
Terry Morrish (BSc ’99)
James O’Brien (BA ’07)
Chris Phillips (BBA ’94)
Matt Swindley (BAcc ’08)
Diana Tuszynski (BA ’82)
John Zoccoli (BAdmin ’86)
Michele Zoccoli (BA ’89; BEd ’91) 




2016 Grad Send-off
March 29, 2016 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm