4.321: You be the Judge

4.321: You be the Judge

Assessment is a pervasive activity in our daily lives.  But like the air we breathe, it almost goes unnoticed.   4.321: You be the Judge provides a small portrait of the interpersonal dimensions of assessment exploring how our propensity to judge and compare one another.  Such acts can include/exclude, demean/affirm and exalt/harm and must be continually questioned to insure justice and equity. 

We ask: Why do we judge/assess?  Are all assessments necessary, appropriate and/or fair? What are legitimate criteria?  Can one (Professor/TA) separate the product (essay or assignment) for the producer (student); the intellect from the affect?  Can and how should accommodations be made and for what reasons?  How does assessment foster and/or impede learning?

The scenes provide just a few of the many lived-experiences of how we live under the specter of the judge and how we play the role of the judge.  They don’t provide you with answers.  Rather, we hope that they haunt you, encouraging you to examine how we can put a human face to these practices. “You be the judge”.

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