Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an Aboriginal perspective for my class?
Aboriginal Student Services, located in Decew Residence R213 is an excellent resource for both faculty and students. AbSS can recommend books, journals, media, speakers, and assist in any other way required. In addition, these resources will assist the faculty to better introduce the Aboriginal perspective within class context so that Aboriginal students do not need to be called on to offer such input.

What do I do if I have a student who appears to be having cultural identity issues?
Often moving to another community is a difficult transition. If students are relocating from Northern Communities or even from local reserves, the upheaval of cultural practices, familiar sounds and smells may be extremely difficult. If you encounter a student who appears to be having problems with a transition you may want to let them know that you are aware of their struggle. In some cases, the identity crisis may be that the student could be encountering their first experiences of being Aboriginal. Through adoptions or, in some cases, urban education, an Aboriginal student may not have previously identified. In either case, refer students to Aboriginal Student Services, and/or Personal Counselling Services. Students should visit the webpage for more information and for links to additional community agencies. For more specific information talk to our Staff.

What are my legal responsibilities in terms of accommodating ceremonial and religious obligations of Aboriginal students?
According to the Human Rights Code and the Canadian Constitution, Aboriginal Rights, including the right to practice ceremonial observances, is upheld. If a student has requested time away to attend ceremony and will be missing classes, the student should make arrangements to complete the missed work, assignments, tests. Arrangements should be made in advance of the missed time.

Who can I contact if I am interested in having sensitivity training in the classroom?
Please use the CONTACT link to contact us directly.

Where can I send students who need information or resources on current or historical issues on the following:
Aboriginal issues
Our Staff can assist with numerous topics, either through personal information, or research suggestions. A resource library is also available, which includes texts and videos. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students are welcome to drop in or make an appointment to browse our materials on-site.

Spiritual issues
Spiritual, cultural and ceremonial issues pertaining to the Aboriginal people are wide ranging. Our Staff can refer students to either our Elder-in-Residence or to appropiate community agencies.

Spiritual, cultural and ceremonial issues pertaining to the Aboriginal person can be discussed with our Elder-in-Residence. Please use the CONTACT link to contact us directly.