Transdisciplinary Research Hubs

Transdisciplinary Research Hubs

Brock University is committed to taking fresh, dynamic, creative approaches to identifying – and addressing – challenges in the world around us. Our five new transdisciplinary hubs are incubators of innovation as well as bridges to the community. They are set to make major breakthroughs in areas like biotechnology, the environment, health care and social justice:

* Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre pairs the cutting edge work of Brock’s plant biologists and chemists with biotechnology companies that develop this research into innovative products and services.

* Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Well-being is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people across the lifespan, including older adults. As well, the Centre focusses on individuals with an array of health conditions, chronic diseases and risk factors such as obesity and type II diabetes.

* Environmental Sustainability Research Centre brings together faculty from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to research how society can best move forward in a time where the earth’s natural, social, and economic resources are being threatened.

* Jack and Nora Walker Centre for Lifespan Development Research focuses on community-based research in mental health and biological, social, and psychological adjustment across the lifespan. Staff develops research partnerships with the local community and shares with the community knowledge that comes from the research.

* Social Justice Research Institute brings together researchers and students from a wide variety of disciplines to produce socially relevant and community-based scholarship on social justice issues and create connections with community organizations. The institute focuses on five research clusters: global justice; jobs and justice; gender and justice; animals and justice; and epistemic justice.

Transdisciplinary research also occurs in our 10 other institutes and centres all across campus. Click here for a complete listing of Brock’s research groupings.