Research Matters

Research Matters

Brock University is part of an Ontario-wide initiative to tell stories about how research is changing lives.


Within Brock University are researchers working diligently, tenaciously, tirelessly to better understand the world around us, with the aim of sharing that knowledge outside of Brock’s walls.

In the world are people coping with autism; some have been stricken with cancer; some seek grounding in a rapidly changing society. They and others are looking for answers; researchers are shedding light on all the unknowns to come up with information that will, in time, become the substance of those answers.

Brock University is not alone. Our researchers have thousands of colleagues in universities across Ontario investigating all aspects of life with the same aims. But they operate largely behind the scenes, with little publicity or understanding of the impacts of their work.

The Research Matters campaign is a collaboration among Ontario’s 21 universities to find new ways to tell stories about how research is changing lives. Through Research Matters, Brock and other Ontario universities share the activities conducted in its leading-edge laboratories and classrooms, and about how this work affects everyday life, now and in the future.

Examples of intriguing, innovative, break-through research from each university are showcased on the Research Matters website.


Brock University’s researcher is medical microbiologist Dr. Ana Sanchez, who addresses the question: Can we eradiate infectious diseases? Our Student Ambassadors are PhD students Jory Korobanik and Julia Polyck-O'Neill. Their role is to represent Research Matters among the student body at Brock University.

Dr. Sanchez presented her research on a panel with four other researchers (from the Universities of Waterloo, Windsor, Western and Wilfrid Laurier) in London, Ontario on November 26, 2013. The event was the second in a five-part series of public events – themed “What Matters Now” – held around the province. These events are designed to allow the public to engage directly with researchers.

The remaining three events were held in: Thunder Bay, March 4, 2014; Toronto, April 9, 2014; Kingston, April 23, 2014.

Last year, Brock University hosted one of those public events, themed “Life in 2030."

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