Program Review on track to issue major document (Aug. 1)

The President’s Task Force overseeing the Program Review at Brock is on schedule to release its first key document on Aug. 15, having made major strides in developing the foundation tool for the overall process.

As a result of the progress, a number of updates have emerged:

  • After a series of meetings throughout July, the Task Force and its Working Group are in the advanced stages of designing the Program Identification Form that will be used to define programs that will be the basic building blocks of the Program Review exercise.
  • The form is to be distributed on Aug. 15 to senior administrators, managers and supervisors, chairs and directors. It will contain guidelines that help them define and identify specific programs, both non-academic and academic, across the entire Universit
  • In the week following the Aug. 15 release of the form, a series of “how-to” information sessions will be held to provide advice about completing the Program Identification Form. Times and locations of these sessions will be determined and communicated by Aug. 15.
  • The completed Program Identification Forms would then be returned to the Task Force by Sept. 6.
  • During September, the Task Force also plans to hold Town Hall-type meetings where members of the Brock community can ask questions and have input to the Program Review. Times and locations will be communicated as the details are confirmed.

With the Program Identification Form nearing completion, the Task Force and its Working Group will be turning their attention to developing the criteria to be used in the Program Assessment Form, which is the other key tool for the Program Review.

The Program Assessment Form will contain a list of criteria that will be used by the Task Force to review each program, non-academic and academic, in the University.

The Program Assessment Form will be distributed by mid-September, and completed forms are to be returned to the Task force by mid-October.

For more information about the Program Review, including earlier communiqués and a letter from Brock President Jack Lightstone, go to

Members of the Brock community can ask questions or make comments to the Task Force by going to the Program Review website and clicking on ‘Contact Us’.

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