Dr. Joe Engemann discusses EQAO reports

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Dr. Joe Engemann discusses EQAO reports

Published on September 20 2013

In a recent St. Catharines Standard article, Dr. Joe Engemann discussed Ontario's slumping EQAO math scores.

"On Wednesday, the provincial assessment showed a steady decline over the past five years in math scores at or above the provincial standard.

The result is especially noticeable in Grade 6, which has seen a steady slide over six years to 57%.

For that grade, Niagara’s public board saw a slip to 51%.

The Catholic board reversed a steady slide this year, to have 65% of its Grade 6 students at or above Ontario’s curriculum standards.

“Undoubtedly there are problems in math achievement with our children in elementary and secondary schools,” said Engemann, a Brock associate professor in education, with a specialty in math and science."

To read the full article, courtesy of the Standard please click here

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Dr. Joe Engemann