Guernsey Market makes room for Campus Store satellite

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Guernsey Market makes room for Campus Store satellite

Published on July 25 2013

Perhaps the next time you order a stir-fry for lunch, you’d like a hoodie on the side.

Starting Friday, the Guernsey Market and Campus Store will have you covered, whether you’re craving a burger and fries or a Brock sweatshirt and some printer ink.

A corner of the market, once reserved for selling groceries, has been transformed into a mini-Campus Store selling Brock and Badger gear - clothing, water bottles, coffee mugs - and a selection of school supply staples, including printer toner, computer accessories and limited stationary.

The expansion of the Campus Store’s presence to the Guernsey Market is part of a plan to integrate more retail and spread the Brock brand throughout the campus, said Tom Arkell, Brock’s Associate Vice-President of University Services.

“Wherever people are, we want to be bringing the product to the people, rather than the other way around,” Arkell said.

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