Student’s window-washing business gets help from BioLinc

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Student’s window-washing business gets help from BioLinc

Published on June 10 2013

At first glance, the world of wrestling would appear to have nothing in common with a window washing business, except that maybe big muscles come in handy when carrying around ladders.

But in the sports world, there’s something called the golden standard, a level of excellence maintained by high-performance athletes. Fourth year student Kyle Rose - wrestler, budding entrepreneur and one of BioLinc’s newest business partners - applies that principle to his fledgling window washing business, Golden Rose Enterprises.

“Having represented Canada nationally and internationally, the members of Golden Rose Enterprises appreciate and embody the golden standard,” says Rose.

“The one thing we pride ourselves on is that you can tell the difference between the high-performance athlete and the average athlete. There’s a certain standout confidence and presentation in the high-performance athlete,” he explains. “I believe the same is true in a good business and in a good home. We help bring businesses and homes up to that golden standard.”

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