Student-developed video game heads to industry showcase

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Student-developed video game heads to industry showcase

Published on April 01 2013

Kev Greene has a tough time playing the computer game Awaken for fun.

As the game’s designer, it’s hardly escape to delve into to the adventure game. Instead, it’s just another opportunity to find flaws and fix bugs that, admittedly, only he would notice.

“I notice so many little things now,” the fourth year interactive arts and science (IASC) student said. “It’s nit-picking. Tiny things players won’t see we want to make sure they look proper and the game plays well.”

That’s because on April 3, Awaken, a mixed media, choose-your-own-adventure PC game about a woman who loses her memory and must piece together a past event, will be on display at Level Up, a gaming showcase where student projects are judged by industry professionals and vendors.

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