Biological Sciences student Kiel Ormerod is new GSA President

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Biological Sciences student Kiel Ormerod is new GSA President

Published on September 05 2012

Kiel Ormerod has a challenging year ahead of him.
Ormerod is the president of Brock’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). His executive leadership comes as the GSA continues to strengthen its voice on behalf of more than 1,500 masters and doctoral students enrolled in the University’s 41 graduate programs.
He’s prepared for the time commitment that the job will require and, at the same time, Ormerod is determined to sustain his passion for neuroscience and dedication to his PhD research in biological sciences.
That’s what one might expect from a former triathlete and Ironman competitor, and a championship oarsman - someone who knows how to set a pace and go the distance.
Ormerod is in the third year of his doctoral program in biological sciences and is supervised by Prof. Joffre Mercier. He was awarded an NSERC doctoral postgraduate scholarship recently, which provided funding for his research focusing on the interplay between nerves and muscles, and how various molecules and chemicals found in our body strengthen or weaken that connection.
“I got the research bug in the fourth your of undergraduate studies while working with Dr. Mercier,” Ormerod says. “He’s the reason that I stayed on to pursue my research and carry on with my doctoral work.”

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