Open Access Week 2012 at Brock

James A. Gibson Library

Open Access Week 2012 at Brock

Brock Officially launches E-Thesis Program

Brock celebrates Open Access Week 2012 with the official launch of the E-Thesis Program, after a successful two-year pilot project. 

Other Events:

Monday October 22, 2012      Noon – 1 pm E-Classroom / TH 253 Brown Bag: Bring Your Lunch!

Brock Journal Editors Roundtable Facilitator: Tim Ribaric

Discuss the successes and challenges of editing a peer-reviewed open access journal.  Topics will include: the role of technology, how editorial work fits into traditional faculty responsibilities, and the role of the Library.  Anyone interested in discussing their own experiences or finding out more about the Library’s plans to support scholarly journals at Brock are encouraged to attend.


 Wednesday October 24 10:00 am - 11:00 am E-Classroom/TH 253

Learn How to Find Copyright-free Materials! By Chabriol Colebatch, Copyright Coordinator (co-sponsored by CPI)

Discover how to find "copy-free" materials, including images, music, films, scholarly materials and more. Thanks to technology and the "copyleft" movement, there is a wealth of materials available online for you to use without worrying about copyright. This workshop will help you find these copyright-free materials and learn how to use them in your teaching. Topics in this workshop will include:

  • Where can you find copyright-free images on the net?
  • Where are the main sources for other copyright-free materials (music, film, scholarly materials etc.)?
  • How do you know if a work is in the public domain?
  • What is Creative Commons and how can you use it in your teaching?
  • What are the conditions attached to some of these "copyright-free materials?



Thursday, October 25, 2012   Noon – 1 pm E-Classroom / TH 253  Brown Bag: Bring Your Lunch!

The Cost of Knowledge: is Open Access the Answer?

Universities exist, in part, to create and disseminate new knowledge. In an analog world, books and journals were the traditional means by which that knowledge was distributed. In today’s digital environment, traditional publishers have moved online, but costs are spiraling and scholars have many alternative options for distributing their scholarly works (including open access journals). This session brings together Brock faculty members, graduate students and librarians to share their perspectives on the choices they have made (or not made) regarding scholarly publishing.


  • Shawn Geniole, PhD student, Psychology 
  • Ian Gibson, E-Resources/Liaison Librarian
  • Barbara McDonald, Associate University Librarian (Collections & Liaison Services)
  • Joffre Mercier, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Richard Mitchell, Associate Professor, Child & Youth Studies and Associate, Brock University ESRC
  • Kiel Ormerod, PhD student, Biological Sciences (and GSA  President 2012-13) - unable to attend


Friday, October 26, 2012    Noon – 1 pm E-Classroom / TH 253 Brown Bag: Bring Your Lunch!

Opening the Data Vault – and closing the lid on license agreements! Presented by Brock University Library's Data Research Service Team

The session will highlight the wealth of open data and aggregate statistics available from providers worldwide on topics from arsenic to zoonotic diseases. This session will introduce some of the opportunities and challenges to finding, using, and supporting open data. We’ll conclude with a discussion about sharing and managing researcher data in the context of open access.





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