Welcome to 'The Focus' video series

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Welcome to 'The Focus' video series

A video series exploring the news, research and events in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

This series takes viewers behind the scenes to explore what the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is all about. With research interests ranging from muscle physiology, infectious diseases, sport law, sense of community in outdoor education, and transitions in dementia care.  

Our faculty members are extremely active in their fields of study, continually giving us something to talk about. So stay tuned for more episodes. 

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Exploring research in the great outdoors

This episode of "The Focus" explores the research of Dr. Tim O'Connell. We will visit the Outdoor Laboratory to go over his current research, and achievements, including the latest announcement as Tim was awarded the Brock University Distinguished Teaching Award for 2012. We will also be learning some outdoor techniques for effectively tying knots.

Cutting the Tape on the Cairns Research Complex

On this episode of the focus we will be exploring the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex (say that 5 times fast). In this episode, our new host "James Slade" will be speaking with Dr. Ian Brindle, who was instrumental in the planning and development stages of the Cairns Facility. We also had a chance to catch up with Dr. Wendy Ward from the Department of Kinesiology to get her insight on the impact this new building will have on research and teaching initiatives at Brock.

Monitoring signals for muscle fatigue and recovery

This episode of “The Focus” looks at the research of Dr. David Gabriel and graduate student Lara Green, in the electromyography laboratory. In this episode we will begin to understand surface electromyographic (sEMG) signals and the role it plays in measuring muscle fatigue and recovery.

Hitting full-stride with hockey skate boot design

Testing the product on-and-off the ice, Kelly Lockwood along with her team of grad students are addressing current issues in hockey skate boot design. This episode of "The Focus" features the last on ice testing session for a recent study conducted alongside industry partner Graf Canada.


Engaging with CommUnity Games

Bringing the community together, more than 140 youth from the Niagara region participated in the 3rd annual Unity Games. Working alongside student volunteers, community and university partners, Dr. James Mandigo organized another engaging and active way to unite youth and develop life skills, with this years focus being environmental awareness.


Activating Muscles, and a New Scoliosis Research Project

Focusing on the research in the Muscle Physiology Laboratory, this episode features the studies of Bareket Falk, Associate Professor in Kinesiology, and Glenn Jenkins, MSc student in the field of Kinesiology. Taking a look at the recent research of Bareket Falk, we gain an in-depth look at the BAM study (Brock Active Muscles), and a new study on bone strength in braced individuals with scoliosis.

Ready, set, excercise. A look at health and performance in children and adolescents

Profiling the research of Dr. Nota Klentrou and her PhD student Izabella Ludwa, this episode of 'The Focus' looks at the effects of exercise and training on health and performance in children and adolescents.

Let's all get heart healthy

Working up a sweat in the Heart Institute at Brock University, "The Focus" is on Dr. Deb O'Leary, as we learn about how to get heart healthy.