Vision and Goals

Vision and Goals

Brock flourishes through the scholarly, creative, and professional achievements of our students, faculty and staff. 

We provide undergraduate education of the highest quality, while continuing to expand the graduate and doctoral programs that are spreading Brock’s reputation for excellence in research and innovation.

Brock is a university that strengthens both sides of the brain, where interdisciplinary focus helps students develop rational and analytical thinking as well as their emotional and creative sides.

We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence on a global level, and also to partnering with our neighbours and investing in their future.

But the University also works to enhance the economic, social, cultural and intellectual lives of the communities around us — Niagara, Ontario, Canada and beyond — and to demonstrate the vital ways in which universities of the 21st century can contribute to the betterment of society.

Our bold Academic Plan, entitled Brock 2014, crystallizes our priorities as we close in on that 50th anniversary year for the University. Those priorities include:

  • Research
  • Graduate studies
  • Teaching and learning
  • Community outreach


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