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Dr. Trevor Norris

Published on November 11 2013

Trevor Norris is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education. He completed his doctorate in philosophy of education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on the intersection of education, politics and philosophy.

Dr. Norris has taught courses in Democracy and Education, Modernity to Postmodernity, Philosophy of Education, Consumerism and School Commercialism, and the Social Foundations of Education at the University of Toronto, and in Applied Ethics at York University.

His research focuses on philosophical approaches to globalization, (neo)liberalism, citizenship, and democracy, with a specific focus on the political and pedagogical implications of consumerism. He pursues this research through contemporary pedagogical movements such as critical pedagogy, as well as historical approaches and thinkers such as Plato and Rousseau.

A 2011 book with University of Toronto Press, “Consuming Schools”, investigates the origins and nature of consumerism in Western political, pedagogical and philosophical thought and its impact on the public and democratic functions of education, with cases drawn from current trends in school commercialism.

A second key research area, funded by SSHRC, examines the teaching and learning of philosophy in schools, investigating teachers’ conceptions of the aims of philosophy education, dynamics within philosophy classrooms, and how students are impacted by studying philosophy.

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Dr. Trevor Noris