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Suggestion Box Comments and Responses

October 6, 2014
COMMENT – You should make laptops available to be checked out online if there are already enough laptops in library.

RESPONSE - Thanks for your comment. Due to the high demand for a limited number of laptops, it is necessary to require users to bring them to the desk for renewal. This insures that users who may be waiting for a returned laptop have equal access. -- Barbara Whittard, Innovative System Coordinator /

April 11, 2014

COMMENT - Thank you library staff for excellent customer service we receive every time when we come to the Circulation Desk in the evening. It is so important for us especially during this stressful exams time. Always helpful and friendly! Keep it up. Thank you. 
RESPONSE - Thank you! Circulation and Help Desk staff are glad to provide assistance and try to be as helpful as possible particularly during this time of the year. Good luck on your exams. -- Ian Gordon, Head, Circulation Services
March 27, 2014
COMMENT – Why do library print/copy cards cost 5 dollars at the library desk and 1 dollar around the corner by the printers? That is a scam. What if you were new to Brock and didn’t know? 
RESPONSE - I assure you, it is not a scam:  the cards from the self-serve machine cost $1, but do not have any value on them.  It is up to the user to re-insert the card into the machine and add funds to the card.  Users can purchase cards from the Circulation Desk that are already pre-loaded.  So, for $5, a user gets a card with $4 on it.  The extra $1 covers the cost of the card, just as at the self-serve machine.  Furthermore, if a user brings an empty card to the Circulation Desk, they can pay $4 for a preloaded card (the $1 for the cost of the card is waived if a user has purchased a card already).  Many users prefer to purchase cards at the desk, as they can pay with cash (not just coins), debit, or credit. It is never the case where a user pays $5 for an empty card from the Circulation Desk. -- Jonathan T. Younker, Head, Library Systems and Technologies
March 18, 2014
COMMENT – I find it frustrating when trying to book the graduate group study room and the library staff have it booked for a meeting. I believe you have offices for that reason. Please keep time slots available for actual graduate students. 
RESPONSE – Thank you for your feedback. As we all have experienced, there is a lack of space on the Brock campus. We are required to maximize the use of space we have available to us. When the Graduate Student Meeting Room is not booked, it has been made available to library staff as a last resort for meeting space and has been used on occasion. We feel the frequency is acceptable at this time, but we will continue to monitor this to ensure its primary purpose is not compromised. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
February 14, 2014
COMMENT – When you are doing research online and checking a series of references, it is most irritating to be asked over and over again to log in as a registered student. Could not one’s first log in remain valid for, say, at least 20 minutes. 
RESPONSE - Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty accessing our resources from off-campus.  There are many things that might be contributing to the problem you are facing and it is difficult to diagnose exactly what might be going wrong. One thing I can suggest is always start at the Library’s home page before beginning your research.  You’ll be presented with a login box that asks for your portal account. Once that is entered, you should be able to access anything as if you were on campus. 
If you are still having troubles connecting, please contact the Library Help Desk or me directly - 905-688-5550 ext. 5358 or Thanks. -- Tim Ribaric, Digital Services Librarian
February 11, 2014
COMMENT – Upgrade change and print card machines please. It’s hard to find old bills and running to Tim’s all the time for change is silly. 
RESPONSE - Thanks for your comment. We think it’s silly, too, as well as frustrating.  We had hoped to move to a campus-wide print/copy card solution by now, but delays with the payment gateway have dragged on at the finance level, and it’s now looking like it won’t be implemented until the summer.  Why don’t we replace/upgrade the print card machine and the change machine in the meantime?  Because they’ll cost more than $10,000 each, and we’d rather not spend that money for a short-term solution.  We do have some workarounds that we’re hoping to implement soon to alleviate some of these frustrations and silliness; keep your eyes open for changes. -- Jonathan Younker, Head, Library Systems and Technologies
February 3, 2014
COMMENT - Can you let us leave with the laptop over the weekend like before? We can’t leave town to go home over the weekend if we don’t own a laptop or a computer. Thank you.
RESPONSE - To accommodate the growing number of students requesting laptop loans Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays we had to limit laptop loan periods to 4 hours. We continue to allow overnight loans. -- Ian Gordon, Head, Circulation Services
January 24, 2014
COMMENT - Improve the stairwell. Plants, fresh paint, dusting, better lighting, art work, etc. Studies show improving stairwells by aesthetics increases their usage. This would help impove the weight/wait problem.  
RESPONSE - We recognize the importance of maintaining and enhancing library space so that students want to spend time here, and we try our best to stretch the limited resources we have available to make it more comfortable and appealing. Currently there is almost a $100 million backlog in deferred maintenance that includes such projects as upgrading the stairwells so that they meet upcoming accessibility standards. I’m hopeful that sprucing up the surrounding space will be included. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities 
December 16, 2013
COMMENT – Why don’t you install Firefox? Even Sakai is not optimized for Internet Explorer. Firefox is free so there’s no excuse for why you don’t. 
RESPONSE - Thanks for the comment.  We initially removed Firefox a few years ago when Mozilla was pushing critical updates on a weekly basis.  This required our Systems Administrators to download and package the new version, remove the old versions, and reinstall on our 100+ public computers.  We decided to install Chrome instead, as it had an automatic, background updater, and would not leave our users vulnerable if we didn’t install critical updates in a timely manner. Now that Firefox has support for automatic updates, we will reinvestigate installing Firefox on our public computers. -- Jonathan T. Younker, Head, Library Systems and Technologies
December 10, 2013
COMMENT – I suggest you lend laptop chargers by themselves rather than forcing a student to take the entire laptop case with charger. This can increase the risk of damaging the laptop because if a student just needs a charger, s/he will not be using the laptop. 
RESPONSE - Thank you for your comment. We have investigated providing laptop chargers for loan in the past, but determined it was unfeasible due to purchase costs and the numbers of possible laptop chargers on the market.  In addition, the multi-chargers (laptop chargers with multiple connectors) have many small parts, are expensive, and would not be durable enough in this environment. -- Jonathan T. Younker, Head, Library Systems and Technologies
November 25, 2013
COMMENT – Is it possible to know where the laptops from last year went? There used to a lot of them. Can we bring them back to add to the new ones? There are not enough of them. Thank you. 
RESPONSE - Thank you for your question.  The laptops that were replaced were over 5 years old, and had hardware, software, and battery life issues, and are now in the Brock University-mandated redeployment process. 
Those laptops were extremely labourious for Library Systems staff to maintain for everyday use.  Prior to them being pulled out of circulation, roughly half of all laptops were in the repair queue at any given time.  Due to limited budgetary resources available to the Library, it was not possible to replace with the same number of new laptops. -- Jonathan T. Younker. Head, Library Systems and Technologies
November 25, 2013
COMMENT - There should be a return slot in the Circulation Desk for Reserves instead of a basket.
RESPONSE - Due to the declining number of circulating materials, the reserve return slot was not replaced when the desk was recently renovated. Library materials can always be returned directly to Circulation Services staff.  Ian Gordon, Head, Circulation Services
November 7, 2013
COMMENT – Other universities have much later regular library hours. 11 pm is so early, some people do not have typical schedules and need later hours available. Thanks. 
RESPONSE - We appreciate your input and recognise the importance of this matter. We know students would like the Library to be open more hours, although we have found most leave between 10 and 11 pm. Also, given the costs associated with extending hours throughout the entire while we have undergone several years of budget cuts, have made it very challenging for us to extend hours throughout the entire year. We do offer extended hours during the final exam periods. Starting December 2, we will be open until 2:00 am.  
You might want to consider moving to the Plaza Building when we close. Social and study space is available 24 hours a day.  
Thank you. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities,
October 31, 2013
COMMENT - I do not feel comfortable to leave a reserve book in that basket. I think the library has to find a solution. It’s not secure.
RESPONSE - Users that are hesitant to drop off Reserve materials into the Reserve basket located on the Circulation Desk are more than welcome to hand these materials directly to Circulation Desk staff. -- Ian Gordon, Head, Circulation Services
October 16, 2013
COMMENT - Please do something for the dead  and live flies especially on the 6th floor. They are everywhere and I have told the staff a few times about the issue.
RESPONSE - We have contacted Custodial Services and Facilities Management again to address this troublesome seasonal issue. They are working double duty to vacuum up flies and FM expects to put down some traps.
-- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities
October 11, 2013
COMMENT - We need more laptops specially when it is really busy like the month of October. 
RESPONSE - Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate and budget pressures, we were only able to purchase and deploy 25 new laptops in our laptop loan program. While some university libraries, like McMaster, have completely eliminated their laptop loan program due to costs, staffing levels and support implications, here at Brock we consider this is a valued service, and one that we are committed to maintaining – even if it does mean scaling back the program. Thanks. -- Jonathan T. Younker, Head, Library Systems and Technologies
October 3, 2013

COMMENT - In the Graduate Study Room, people are claiming desks without actually being there. They put down a book and a pencil case and then leave. Today when I went to work, all spots were filled with only 10 people being in the room. Very frustrating!

RESPONSE - Thank you for your comment. It is getting busy everywhere, and we are starting to see this behaviour too. We understand your frustration. We have just taken a couple of steps to remind users to show more consideration towards others in this regard. In future, if you find encounter this again, please contact ask for Donna Grant, Learning Commons Manager or me. -- Deb Kalvee, Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities, 



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