PSE 101: Community Development

PSE 101: Community Development

This spring, Community Learning/Youth University will be offering a six-week outreach program aimed at motivated adults (selected by community organizations) who have not been able to experience post-secondary education. PSE 101: Community Development is designed around two goals

  1. To create a welcoming and informative introduction to the world of post- secondary
  2. To create an educational learning community for adults who are engaged in community work (and are interested in furthering their education) and Brock students interested in community development

Participants will explore community development through an interdisciplinary approach that encourages them to think more critically about community engagement, to explore their personal potential, and to want to learn more.

Call for presenters - March & April 2014

Call for participants - March & April 2014

 Project is funded through the generous support of Accenture. 


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